amy cameron

television executive · screenwriter · journalist · author

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Amy Cameron is an award-winning journalist, author, TV series creator, broadcast executive and executive producer. She is the co-founder of Cameron Pictures Inc., the independent production company behind Mary Kills People (Global/Lifetime), Little Dog (CBC) and Pretty Hard Cases (CBC/Freevee).

Prior to creating her own company, Cameron was the Executive in Charge of Production at CBC TV Drama for the critically acclaimed The Book of Negroes and also oversaw the ratings giant Heartland. In addition to previous work as a comedy production executive, Cameron worked as the Head of Development at Vérité Films and was also the co-creator of CBC's Wild Roses.

An award-winning journalist (Maclean’s, Owl Magazine, The New Brunswick Telegraph Journal) and author of Playing with Matches: Misadventures in Dating (2005), Cameronwas the recipient of the Canadian Film Centre’s 2019 Award for Creative Excellence.

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Cameron holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montreal’s Concordia University, a feature film screenwriting degree from the Canadian Film Centre, and a stained diploma from a very fancy fashion design school in Paris, France. Cameron is currently pursuing an Masters of Fine Art in Creative Nonfiction at King's University while promoting Season Three of Pretty Hard Cases (airing January 4, 2023, at 9pm EST on CBC!) She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids, two dogs and two neglected fish.