amy cameron

television executive · screenwriter · journalist · author

wild roses

I'm afraid that's it, folks. Though I'd love to get the rest of the Wild Roses story out there, short of doing it with hand puppets, I'm not sure how. Thanks for watching!

In 2008, CBC Television picked up Cameron's show, Wild Roses — a project she co-created with her sister Tassie and producer Miranda de Pencier. Shot in and around Calgary during the fall and winter of 2008, Wild Roses premiered on January 6, 2009.

From the CBC website: Shakespearean themes of family, love and betrayal are the roots of Wild Roses. Two families, the wealthy McGregors and the debt-ridden Henrys, clash over land, love and loyalty. Their stories tangle against the backdrop of boomtown Calgary, Alberta, where oil rich executives play at being cowboys and the surrounding ranchlands are in danger of being consumed by the new-West gold rush.

From Amy Cameron, herself: Basically, there's lots of sex, money and hotties on horses.

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