amy cameron

television executive · screenwriter · journalist · author

about the work

Amy Cameron screenplays for film and television
film & television
Cameron is the co-founder of Cameron Pictures, a Toronto-based independent production company, and an Executive Producer on the critically acclaimed cop comedy Pretty Hard Cases (CBC/Freevee), Little Dog (CBC) and Mary Kills People (Global/Lifetime.) Before starting a company with her sister in 2016, Cameron was a Production Executive at CBC TV Drama, working specifically on Republic of Doyle, Heartland and the miniseries The Book of Negroes 
From 2011-2013, Cameron was Head of Development, Drama and Scripted Television at VÉRITÉ FILMS and before that a Production Executive at CBC TV Comedy (InSecurity, Little Mosque on the Prairie.)

She is also the co-creator of...

Wild Roses, a one-hour drama for CBC TV (2009)

    Amy Cameron books, title page of Playing With Matches: Misadventures in Dating
    Before I Go Crazy: An Investigative Unearthing of My Mother Stevie Cameron's Excellent, but Now Long Forgotten, Advice — current project.
    Part memoir, part reportage, Before I Go Crazy is a reverse engineering of a mother’s book of advice for her daughter — an inquisitive deep dive into the wisdom award-winning journalist and author Stevie Cameron shared with her friends and family but never wrote down. Dementia has stolen Stevie's memory but her daughter Amy is determined to unearth her mother's wisdom once again.

    My Wedding Dress: True-life Tales of Lace, Laughter, Tears and Tulle
    (Vintage Canada, 2007)
    I wrote the afterword for this collection of short stories about wedding dresses and marriage.

    Listen to Sounds Like Canada's Shelagh Rogers interviewing Amy Cameron and poet Lorna Crozier on their contributions to My Wedding Dress.

    Playing With Matches: Misadventures in Dating (Anchor, 2005)
    The book, a collection of women's hilarious dating stories, is now translated into French, Serbian and Italian.

      Amy Cameron journalism and articles, clip of Maclean's piece
      • Chatelaine
      • Maclean's
      • Owl
      • Sea Island Magazine
      • The Presbyterian Record
      • Allergic Living
      • Reader's Digest
      • Globe and Mail
      • The Montreal Gazette
      • New Brunswick Telegraph Journal
      For some samples of Cameron's work:

      I'll never grow up, not me!
      It's been dubbed a Peter Pandemic: adults determined to remain kids
      Maclean's, Aug. 02, 2004

      An utterly hopeless muddle
      Intelligent Design might be irreducibly complex but it isn't science
      The Presbyterian Record, May 2006

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