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about the sister

Ah, the sister...

Tassie Cameron. The uber-talented writer of television and film. Yes, it runs in the family. Yes, the Cameron sisters are hot. And yes, they are both taken.
Cameron (who really should have her own website and stop glomming onto her sister's technological prowess) is also a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre. She is the Gemini award-winning screenwriter behind THE ROBBER BRIDE (an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel, 2007), CAKE (a feature film starring Heather Graham, 2005), THE ELEVENTH HOUR (CTV's award-winning series, 2004-05), FAST FOOD HIGH (the Gemini-award nominated MOW, 2003) and WOULD BE KINGS (a CTV mini-series that will rock your world).

Cameron (Tassie, that is) showran the first season of FLASHPOINT, the smash hit CTV/CBS show. She is currently head honcho on ROOKIE BLUE, a Global/ABC drama about five rookie cops, which has started shooting its fifth season. 

Tassie was also a co-creator on WILD ROSES and saved her sister's ass as the story editor on the pilot episode.

Tassie Cameron, Amy Cameron
The Cameron sisters.
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